Go 关键字

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// Go program to illustrate the
// use of keywords
package main
import "fmt"
// Here, package, import, func,
// var are keywords
func main() {
// Here, a is a valid identifier
var a = "GeeksforGeeks" 
// Here, the default is an
// illegal identifier and
// compiler will throw an error
// var default = "GFG"



Go 语言共有25个关键词,如下所示:

break    case     chan   const   continue   
default  defer   else  fallthrough   for  
func      go      goto   if        import   
 map    package    range   return   select 
 struct   switch   type     var      interface  


// Go program to illustrate 
// the use of keywords
// Here package keyword is used to 
// include main package in the program
package main
// import keyword is used to 
// import "fmt" in your package
import "fmt"
// func is used to
// create function
func main() {
    // Here, var keyword is used 
    // to create variables
    // Pname, Lname, and Cname 
    // are the valid identifiers
    var Pname = "GeeksforGeeks" 
    var Lname = "Go Language" 
    var Cname = "Keywords"
    fmt.Printf("Portal name: %s", Pname)
    fmt.Printf("\nLanguage name: %s", Lname)
    fmt.Printf("\nChapter name: %s", Cname)